With the end of the year, it’s time to start thinking of 2017. Here are 6 trends that will shape the car market next year and beyond…

1. ADAS will continue to develop, moving towards the self-driving car (though important issues remain). By 2020, 40 to 50% of cars on the road will be ADAS equipped.

2. The internet of things is taking over the car. Everything is getting connected, and the windscreen will become a vital display screen.

3. 3D printing is already used for prototypes and will take over the factory floor in the future. We can imagine to have 3D printed cars going mainstream one day but as a first step the technology could be used for printing parts, like brackets for mirrors and cameras.

4. Electric cars are going mainstream; virtually all manufacturers are in the game now.

5. New types of car manufacturers: technology giants such as Apple and Google will compete with traditional constructors (internet of things).

6. Ride sharing: many manufacturers are launching projects based on ride-sharing and self-driving cars.