The all-electric microcar: when size clearly doesn’t matter

Many cities have taken on the challenge of becoming greener, often sacrificing much needed parking space for their ecologic ambitions. Unfortunately, the EU’s aim for eco-friendly urban transportation is likely to further aggravate the parking dilemma in European capitals and cities.

Three years ago, the city of Paris caused quite a stir with its plan to free up space by eliminating half of its on-street parking spaces in the hopes of making the French capital more “eco” and “people” friendly. Similarly, the green city of Copenhagen recently approved an initiative to release 600 out of 1,050 public parking spots by next year. These scenarios have prompted some carmakers to rise to the challenge by designing compact EVs.

The Israelian start-up City Transformer is one of them. Their narrow and ultra-light vehicle “CT-2” could provide the answer to the parking conundrum. Adapted for one or two passengers and daily commuting needs, the CT-2’s groundbreaking design does not spare on performance and efficiency and sustainability. Its most useful feature is its foldable chassis, allowing the wheels to expand for performance driving and to retract for seamless and efficient parking. Smart wing doors are an additional space saver. With its ingenious design, the CT-2 is so slim that one standard car parking space can hold four of them. The electric minicar tips the balance at 450kg and reduces the number of required parts by half compared to a standard car. Rollout of this smart minicar is expected end of 2024.