Rising sales of imported Chinese EVs is threatening Europe’s automotive industry

There is growing concern over the face-off between Europe’s automotive industry and Chinese car importers

Young researcher discovers a revolutionary innovation in the battery value chain

This superhero has her own brand of kryptonite: recycled graphite

How can our PVB recycling projects contribute to carbon footprint reduction?

Treated PVB chips recycled from scrapped laminated glass: a future source of PVB film for AGC?

Iceland in pole position for the race towards carbon neutrality

What lessons can Europe learn from Iceland’s electric revolution?

The all-electric microcar: when size clearly doesn’t matter

A revolutionary change is brewing in the field of urban mobility

AGC and Saint-Gobain partner for the decarbonization of flat glass manufacturing

AGC and Saint-Gobain, worldwide flat glass manufacturers leading in sustainability, announce that they are collaborating on the design of a pilot breakthrough flat glass line that is expected to reduce very significantly its direct CO2 emissions

No fork in the road for the highly-anticipated implementation of wireless in-road charging

The German city of Balingen has been drawing attention with its latest wireless EV charging road. Despite its current experimental status, this wireless charging road project is already making headway for private, commercial and public electrical vehicles.

Inauguration of new electric Volvo trucks for AGC glass transport by Lannutti

A historic collaboration between Volvo, Lannutti Group and AGC has resulted in the release of the Volvo Trucks’ smart equipment project: a significant undertaking that is currently paving the way for greater innovation in the field of sustainability and greener supply chains.

Wideye® by AGC: When sensing technology meets high-end design and performance

Wideye® by AGC will be unveiling five of its latest sensing innovations during the CES® tech event in Las Vegas this January 2023.

Bidirectional technology is gaining traction within the EV sector

The latest development in the electric vehicle sector has been receiving a lot of attention lately as it’s foreseen to revolutionize the status and usage of V2G and EVs.