New electric car charges itself with sunlight

Dutch tech company Lightyear plans to launch an electric car that uses solar panels to boost charging.

Are you safe if lightning strikes your car?

Many people think they’re safe in a car during lightning because the tyres are made of rubber. But that’s not true.

Belron and AGC signed a franchise agreement for vehicle glass repair and replacement networks in Poland and Czech Republic

As you probably heard already, Belron and AGC signed a franchise agreement for vehicle glass repair and replacement networks in Poland and Czech Republic.

AGC consortium announces world’s first glass antennas for 5G 28 GHz communication

AGC, Ericsson and Domoco have achieved what is believed to be the world’s first 5G mobile telecommunications using antennas embedded in glass to transmit and receive 28 GHz radio signals.

Driverless vehicles just around the corner in Seoul

SK telecom and Seoul metropolitan government plan to install 5G ADAS on 1600 buses and 100 taxis in Seoul, helping to create a real-time HD city map for use in autonomous vehicles.

Glass antennas: a key part of the mobility revolution!

Glass antenna technology was born in the USA in the 1970s, led by manufacturers of metal antennas. Foreseeing the importance of telematics in the auto industry at the time, AGC decided to develop its own glass antennas.

Windshield wipers: a history full of surprises!

We don’t give a second thought to windshield wipers – until we can’t see clearly. But it is worth stopping to thank the pioneers who invented these safety devices that have saved countless lives in rain and snow.

AGC opens new connectivity R&D facility

Responding to the growing demand for vehicle connectivity, AGC Glass Europe has unveiled two advanced “anechoic” chambers for developing technology for windows with built-in antennas.

New-generation LiDAR system for ADAS and autonomous driving

AGC Automotive Europe has partnered with XenomatiX, a leading provider of solid-state LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) technology, to build the next generation of integrated LiDAR sensors for ADAS and autonomous driving.

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