Klein Vision’s flying car would make the Wright brothers go green with envy


Earlier this year we wrote how Paris taxis are preparing to conquer the skies and they are not the only ones lifting mobility to a higher level. On 28th June, prototype 1 of the AirCar by Klein Vision, a slovakian enterprise, completed a 35-minute flight from the international airport in Nitra to that in Bratislava, passing its 142nd test with flying colors. As the name suggests, this futuristic vehicle is perfectly in its element in the sky as well as on terra firma: on touch down a simple click of a button retracts its wings and tail, effectively transforming it into a road car.

Other attempts at flying vehicles often yield large drones capable of transporting passengers and freight, but unable to propel themselves forward on solid ground. The Liberty PAL-V by the Dutch company with the same name masters the air and the road but has the appearance of a helicopter on wheels. With its sleek design and advanced engineering the AirCar seems to have it all.

The prototype 2 model will boast significantly more horsepower than its predecessor as well as a variable pitch propeller and should reach speeds of up to 300 km/hour with a range of 1000 km. There is still a long way to go before flying cars become the norm but you might start thinking about getting a pilot licence !