AGC’s ETFE Film looks and feels like a slightly thick, clear file folder for storing documents, but amazing functions are stored there. One of the functions that is most important is its light transmission. The light transmission of the ETFE Film is surprisingly more than 90%, while the light transmission of ordinary glass is in the 80% range. Moreover, the ETFE Film is lighter than glass, and highly resistant to soil. Because of this, the film is easy to use as a construction material, and also easy to maintain. As well the film’s high transmission rate enables fine adjustment and diffusion of light, which creates fantastic lighting decoration.

Fluon® ETFE Film has been attracting attention as a high-performance building material and is already used in world class sporting and exposition venues, such as the Beijing National Aquatic Center also known as the Water Cube (image above used in the AGC Calendar 2016) that was built for the 2008 Summer Olympics.