A screenless future is coming!

Nowadays, and indeed for several decades now, screens have rapidly taken their place as an unmissable part of the automotive world. New functionalities and changes in the car industry have created a debate as to whether more screens are a good thing, but between screen fans on the one hand and doubters on the other, a new voice is emerging that proposes a different solution: what about a new type of windscreen instead?

According to industry-leading experts, the automotive future will feature a great deal of content, but might be screenless. Revolutions always follow one another in quick succession, and embedded information, infotainment and data could soon migrate upwards from the traditional dashboard to the windscreen in an effort to increase safety and comfort and to offer users a new experience. By maintaining focus on the road, this new approach aims to lower the chance of distraction and thus bring about a safer driving experience.

With this dynamic in mind, and as we are always at the forefront of innovation, AGC partnered with EyeLights to develop a new product. At the crossroads between the traditional function of a windscreen, embedded technology (ADAS) and enhanced reality functionalities, this new-generation windscreen technology combines everything in a Polarized Head Unit Display (P-HUD) configuration.

Using the black band at the bottom of the windscreen as well as its transparent surface, this new approach maintains information at the right distance in all conditions thanks to AGC-developed HUD glass solutions, including the polarized technology that also allows the HUD to be visible while wearing polarized sunglasses.

In short, maybe now more than ever, we can see the future through our windscreens!