Augmented Reality, coming to your car very soon!


Everyone is talking about autonomous vehicles, but there is another revolution that will hit cars before they go driverless: Augmented Reality (AR).


AR is created by layering digital data over reality (whereas virtual reality VR is a totally artificial digital world).  AR is ideal for in-car use because content can be projected onto windshields or dashboard displays.


Cars with HUD (Heads-Up Display) already provide some of the benefits of AR, streamlining information such as speed, directions and infotainment data, directly onto the windshield in the driver’s field of vision.

The next step is to add real-time content to this experience. For example, navigation prompts overlaid on a view of the real road, rather than a map, could draw attention to hazards as they approach. And when driverless cars do finally make it to market, AR will enhance entertainment in the car and show passengers what the vehicle actually sees on the road.