Benefits for driver

Total peace of mind for drivers

Developing the safest glass products with optimum driver visibility is our priority at AGC Automotive. Drivers can be sure that a laminated AGC windshield will not splinter and cause dangerous fragments in the event of a collision. AGC ensures perfect visibility through stringent tests and processes to prevent optical distortion in the glass. Solutions for enhancing visibility in the wet include glass that repels water and control of windshield curvature to optimise wiper adhesion.


We spend more and more time in vehicles, so the wellbeing of drivers and passengers is important. AGC develops glass technologies that increase comfort by reducing noise, increasing thermal comfort in summer and de-icing electrically in winter. In addition to cooling cabin temperature, AGC glass that reflects invisible infrared solar rays helps save fuel by reducing air-co needs. AGC also helps reduce vehicle weight, leading to lower CO2 emissions, thanks to innovative thin glass.
Look for the AGC Automotive logo on your replacement glass. This is your guarantee of authentic quality, safety and reliability, just like the original glass fitted to the vehicle.