The car that warns you about rain when your sunroof is open

As we move closer to the age of autonomous driving, deep learning technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are coming into play in our cars. Sensors, predictive analytics, apps and other innovations are all coming together, to make our vehicles smarter.


An example of this trend is the sporty new 2019 VW Jetta GLI. In addition to standard functions such as locking the doors remotely and locating parking spots, it has an AI-driven feature that warns you when rain is forecast if you have the sunroof down.


Smart cars will also predict behaviour based on previous experience and your driving actions. Countless pieces of data – from the distance you drive to traffic density and weather conditions – will feed the AI engine. Your car will know more than you could possibly track, and it will adjust features without you even realising. In other words, it will not only tell you when it’s going to rain will also automatically close your sunroof!