Green measures help Mother Earth breathe a sigh of relief


There is no denying it: our reckless burning of fossil fuels and increasing pollution has reached the point where we are slowly but surely killing our beautiful planet. Global warming and the detrimental effects it has on the earth force us to adopt ecologically responsible behaviors in our private lives and on a larger scale to reinvent industrial production flows. If we are not careful, our children will inherit a planet where certain landscapes will become uninhabitable!

In Europe alone the transport sector accounts for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions which prompted the EU government to take action. The EU Green Deal expects to reduce the CO2 output by 90% through 2050 by imposing the auto industry emission limitations that will become stricter in coming years. Another possible measure is an effective ban on the sales of new combustion engine vehicles as from 2035. The growing development of hybrid and electric vehicles testifies to most car makers’ willingness to embrace a green future.

But there is more to the equation: an environmentally sustainable world calls for equally smart manufacturing and development processes. Green energy, sound recycling programs, the use of reclaimed raw materials can grant the earth the reprieve it so desperately needs. French waste management company Veolia recovers components and materials from 97% of end-of-life vehicles.

In 2015 the UN established the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which unite all countries worldwide to fight against environmental degradation, poverty and inequality. The AGC Group adopted the SDGs 4 years ago, turning its focus to green goals in an effort to make our planet viable again.