InnovizTwo takes the next step toward full vehicle automation


It takes more than just cameras and radars for a car to drive fully autonomously: LiDAR performs significantly better for object detection, regardless of weather and road conditions and is therefore a key safety feature.

Innoviz Technologies, an Israeli start-up and a leading provider of high-performance, solid-state LiDAR sensors and perception software is rolling out new developments on a regular basis. InnovizTwo is the company’s next generation LiDAR solution. It comes with all the certifications and approvals to conform to the notoriously high standards of the automotive industry.

Partial automation, or level 2 of autonomous driving, still needs a human driver largely in control of the vehicle. InnovizTwo enables car manufacturers to offer safe level 2+. In-drive data will be collected, and new features will continuously be validated and statistically proven. Ultimately, technology improvements and upgrades will lead to level 5 full vehicle autonomy and a driving liability shift from driver to car manufacturer. Compared to its predecessor, InnovizTwo is cheaper by 70% despite its impressive leap forward in terms of performance. BMW already works closely with Innoviz to boost its autonomous driving program.

Also AGC brings groundbreaking technology to the table with its startup WideEye. The infrared-transparent glass allows to integrate the LiDAR behind the windscreen or other types of automotive vision glazing. Learn more on