State-of-the-art windshields are a blessing but they have a flaw


From its original function – to shield passengers from natural elements such as, well … wind – the windshield has evolved into a sophisticated car component that does everything from keeping passengers comfortable to helping them navigate safely from point A to point B thanks to a multitude of sensors, displays and camera mounting brackets.

As vital as all those ground-breaking technologies and ADAS features may be, they inevitably have repercussions on cost. On the production side, rolling out a modern windshield requires a multitude of high-tech and high-priced devices as well as sophisticated production lines. And where a replacement job was once as “easy” as lifting out the damaged part and putting in a shiny new one instead, technicians now need to carry out painstaking diagnostics and calibration to guarantee the high-tech equipment will perform without a hitch.

Especially with the car industry ramping up for mobility transformation, windshields will become more and more technologically advanced. Studies reveal that the use of ADAS technologies reduces the number of accidents which is why they are exponentially being implemented in car makes and models. Insurances are a driving force behind the growth of safety enhancing technologies while, on the contrary, they may be reluctant to cover costly repairs.

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