The road to zero emissions is paved with ambitious objectives


The need for products with a green label was never more urgent than today and companies across the globe align their value chain to strict regulations and to the growing demand by consumers for eco-friendly products.

Our planet's health is a driving force for AGC and our company’s environment policy is unequivocal: using the best ecological technologies available to develop highly sustainable products and solutions.

Over the last 30 years we were able to downsize our carbon footprint by reducing the use of energy needed to melt 1 ton of glass by 22%. The 1mio ton of cullet we recycle in Europe every year also allows us to significantly cut back our greenhouse gas emissions. Ultimately, we commit to being a climate neutral company by 2050. To achieve this, AGC Glass Europe has set a number of ambitious targets for 2030:

  • reduce specific greenhouse gas emissions by 30%
  • reduce specific energy consumption by 20%
  • reduce specific water consumption by 15%
  • zero waste to landfill
  • reduced quantity of waste generated/resources input
  • green product design

AGC Automotive plays a crucial part in reaching these goals. We see the need for a no-emissions future as a challenge to come up with disruptive solutions. Apart from the very high performance products that we constantly develop we will keep the planet healthy with sensible transport and recycling and packaging programs. There are some projects in the pipeline that will have a positive ecological impact. Meanwhile learn more here