Wideye’s concept car put sensors on high alert at CES Las Vegas


With the mobility shift towards autonomous vehicles, the necessity to aesthetically integrate high-performance sensors is increasingly important. Since its creation in 2016, Wideye by AGC specializes in solving these challenges by offering integration solutions based on its unique glass. Transparent to near infra-red and with high optical quality, this glass is indispensable for the seamless installation of optical sensors such as LiDAR and cameras.

The dominant position of Wideye in autonomous vehicle ecosystems allows its team to develop effective partnerships, motivated towards accelerating technological development. At CES these alliances were demonstrated on a car incorporating new concepts that visitors were able to experience live:

  • Wideye and the Belgian company XenomatiX, a LiDAR manufacturer specializing in True Solid State LiDAR, demonstrated the ability to combine both LiDAR and camera modules behind the windshield and guarantee performance by using glass transparent to near infra-red signals
  • Sensors integrated at the side of the vehicle to detect obstacles permit uses such as parking space detection. Wideye and Sony Depthsensing Solutions have collaborated to integrate ToF (Time-of-Flight camera) technology. This sensor is seamlessly integrated and can also be used for facial authentication technology. AT CES visitors were able to try out this fully functioning integration
  • Wideye further demonstrated the superior quality of its glass when used in LiDAR housings. The collaboration between Wideye and the Israeli company Opsys Technologies aims to enable the achievement of automotive specifications while maintaining the highest performance of the sensor using the qualities of Wideye’s proprietary glass.

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