Windshield replacement costs in modern vehicles remains a hot topic

As several variables contribute to the overall replacement costs, it is crucial for vehicle owners to consider these factors so as to not only ensure a proper and cost-effective windshield replacement but to also avoid being blindsided by the bill…

Windshield replacement costs in modern vehicles can be notably higher than anticipated due to advancements in automotive technology. According to data from the Insurance Journal, the average claim for windshield replacement stands at 370€, while the average repair cost is considerably lower at 45€. Professionals in the calibration and repair industry emphasize the intricate nature of modern windshield fixes, challenging the notion that it is a straightforward swap of one glass pane for another.

The disparity among vehicle models is namely revealed by substantial cost variations. Indeed, some models incur significantly lower expenses compared to other models with higher repair bills. These cost differences can be explained by several other factors such as the inclusion of advanced technologies (ADAS), labor costs and processes (particularly involving the removal and reinstallation of forward-facing cameras (FFC), insurance coverage, embedded features and, in some cases, the transfer of brackets. These insights highlight the complexity involved in addressing the technological components integrated into contemporary automotive glass systems.

However, the primary factor contributing to a significant difference in overall cost is said to be the elaborate calibration procedure. In other words, the meticulous preparatory steps involved: vehicle and space preparation, target placement and the usage of diagnostic equipment. Other variables relate to the adequate central positioning and decking of the windshield glass, the quality of repair facilities’ reparation services as well as the bona fide mounting of the glass and camera bracket.