ADAS camera sensors see the road through the windshield!


This month we take a quick look at camera sensors, most commonly front-facing devices mounted behind the windshield. Their high-powered microprocessors and advanced data processing algorithms turn constantly-changing images into digital data. ADAS then uses this data to control safety-critical systems such as automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and headlight high-beam activation and dimming.


Some car models are also equipped with 360˚ camera systems that use several small cameras at the front, rear and sides of the vehicle, giving a bird’s eye “around view” of the situation that can assist parking and avoid kerbing.

Because many of these camera sensors see the world through the windshield, the quality of the windshield is key. The imperfection or distortion can reduce the sensor’s accuracy and compromise ADAS performance. AGC is a front-runner in ADAS solutions for aftermarket and has established its own ADAS compliancy program, ensuring the production of ADAS-compliant replacement windshields.