ADAS: an opportunity for the auto glass aftermarket

A recent study in the USA shows how the growth of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) in new cars is starting to reduce the number of road accidents. Based on 72,000 vehicles, the study by Consumer Reports shows that 57% of American drivers stated that at least one ADAS feature in their car had prevented them from having a collision.


We could reasonably expect similar results in Europe. With the number of ADAS-equipped cars set to keep on growing as manufacturers extend ADAS technologies across their complete ranges, the potential impact on the collision repair industry could be dramatic in the years to come.

But what about glass replacement in the collision repair industry? Here, ADAS may have a silver lining. Although the number of collision jobs may decline, the longer and more complex task of replacing an ADAS windscreen will increase the revenue per job. This will be particularly true for glass professionals who invest in recalibration technology and training, to add value to their service.