Porsche narrows the social-distancing gap

Porsche has found an ingenious way to respect social distancing during complex repair work in its dealer network: Augmented Reality glasses. Use of its AR glasses programme in the USA more than tripled from February to March this year, as COVID-19 social distancing measures kicked in around the world.

Porsche developed the innovative hi-tech procedure, called “Tech Live Look”, to provide dealer technicians with remote expert back-up during the most complex diagnostic and repair jobs. By wearing AR glasses, technicians allow national technical experts to literally look over their shoulder and help them.

The aim is to ensure not only that complex work is carried out correctly, but also that the car is back with the owner as quickly as possible. Fast and precise; the hallmark of quality service. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Porsche USA has even extended the programme to include sessions directly with top technicians at the parent company in Germany.