Mobile service is moving back to the auto shop

Many auto glass replacement businesses across Europe are asking themselves the same question: should we continue with mobile services?

ADAS radar sensors help prevent collisions

In this edition we examine radar sensors, usually mounted in or hidden behind the front bumper or grille.

Ride the green wave!

A traffic light that turns red just as you approach is one of the most frustrating things about driving. Now, if a trial to alert drivers to the status of traffic lights is successful, this stop-start experience could be a thing of the past.

AGC virtual reality experience shines at Automechanika 2018!

Automechanika closed its doors several weeks ago after 136,000 visitors from 181 countries had visited the show …an all-time record!

The world of AGC in virtual reality at Automechanika!

AGC will once again be part of Automechanika, the world’s largest trade fair for the automotive service industry, held at Messe Frankfurt, Germany, from Tue 11th to Sat 15th September.

ADAS camera sensors see the road through the windshield!

This month we take a quick look at camera sensors, most commonly front-facing devices mounted behind the windshield.

Turning your car windshield into a billboard!

Glass manufacturers, tech companies and automakers are teaming up to turn windshields into a display… one that can show ads to the driver, as well as navigation directions and vehicle information.

Automotive smart glass drives in the fast lane!

The rapid growth of smart glass in the automotive industry is set to continue. A recent report by NanoMarkets forecasts the market to climb to $2.1 billion by 2019, up from $1 billion in 2014.

AGC Pure Grey: the first alternative to green-tinted glass!

AGC Automotive Europe has launched Pure Grey, a neutral glass which offers the first alternative to green-tinted vision glass, used on car models for its solar control properties.

AGC HeatControl Windshield – multifunctional silver coating explained

The AGC HeatControl windshield has an invisible silver coating on the glass. This coating is specially designed to be transparent for visible light but to reflect infrared sunlight.