The era of flying cars is closer than you may think!

The maiden flight of a flying car makes Japanese high-tech firms optimistic… will it soon open new possibilities for all of us?

Covid-19: impact on OE suppliers and expected benefit for aftermarket

Some businesses are winners, some are losers in Corona times. This is also true for the automotive industry as well as its service sector.

General Motors published a guide on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

GM helps you out with a comprehensive list of ADAS systems and parts to ensure professionally programmed and calibrated repairs… just read on!

New self-driving technology on Russian streets

With more than 3 million km of self-driving experience on the clock, Russia’s Yandex unveils its fourth-generation robo-taxi.

Aston Martin brings back Bond’s DB5

More than 50 years after the last model rolled elegantly off the production line, Aston Martin is making DB5 models again...

AGC manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines

AGC’s world-class pharmaceutical subsidiary is on the frontline in the coronavirus battle

Pandemic to boost electric vehicle trend

The sudden worldwide pandemic will have a profound effect on the direction of the automobile industry.

Will Covid-19 hit ride sharing and public transport?

A new survey shows that Covid-19 is making people totally rethink how they travel and use transport.

Porsche narrows the social-distancing gap

Hi-tech glasses are helping Porsche technicians maintain social distancing in the workshop, and repair cars faster.

Need protection? Call a self-driving car!

One surprising upside of the coronavirus pandemic: it gives self-driving cars a great opportunity to showcase their talent.