Customer partnership in action

One of the pillars of AGC ARG is customer partnership. We firmly believe that together we are stronger: combining resources and knowledge brings real advantage.

Find it fast with VIN !

Every vehicle on the road has a 17-digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), also known as the “chassis number”. The VIN is a valuable tool for glass technicians.

Clear image of pedestrians, even in total darkness

ADAS safety features are becoming the norm in the European car market and many drivers like the extra sense of security they provide. Now, one company in the USA is promoting another option to boost road safety: thermal cameras.

Find the product faster with AGC webshop!

Product identification is getting more and more complex and time consuming. Sometimes you know the exact product you need to buy but more often than not, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact version you need for your customer.

Get ready to explain ADAS to your customers!

More and more motorists are driving cars equipped with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), happy in the knowledge that their vehicle and passengers are safer on the road.

Ultrasonic sensors make parking easy

If you’ve ever used a self-parking system, then the car was probably fitted with ADAS ultrasonic sensors, fitted over the wheel wells and on the front and rear bumper covers.  

Charge as you drive with a solar sunroof

Auto makers around the world are looking at ways to combine solar power with electric cars. Leader of the pack in Europe appears to be German startup Sono Motors.

Mobile service is moving back to the auto shop

Many auto glass replacement businesses across Europe are asking themselves the same question: should we continue with mobile services?

ADAS radar sensors help prevent collisions

In this edition we examine radar sensors, usually mounted in or hidden behind the front bumper or grille.

Ride the green wave!

A traffic light that turns red just as you approach is one of the most frustrating things about driving. Now, if a trial to alert drivers to the status of traffic lights is successful, this stop-start experience could be a thing of the past.