ADAS Compliant Windscreens: when quality means safety

European legislators have mandated that as from July 2024 (the US market will follow in 2029), all new cars (M1 and N1) must have an emergency braking system. Furthering a constant effort to improve road safety, especially in urban driving where pedestrians are at their most vulnerable, this decision can only be applauded. The move to a safer road experience for all proves one thing: ADAS technologies incorporated in our windscreens are now one of the key pillars of safety today.

Long gone are the days when your windscreen was just a “simple piece of glass” protecting you from the wind. We are now in a new era in which your windscreen embeds an armada of useful tools to make your driving experience safer and more comfortable. However, with windscreens evolving further from their original form, the bar is being relentlessly raised ever higher to provide an optimal replacement product. Calibration, sensors, cameras and detection cells all need to work in harmony with the glass and the car to provide the best possible functionality.

AGC Auto Replacement Glass (ARG), as an industry leader, is pioneering engineering that goes above and beyond in providing our customers with the best quality windscreens. Introducing our own ADAS Compliant programme, we combine engineering with the privileged position of OEM manufacturer and cooperation with ADAS manufacturers to create an R&D process that meets the highest requirements.

These efforts are reinforced by intensive quality testing during development and production, with only one standard: to be as compliant with ADAS as Original Equipment windshields.

This ensures not only the quality but also and more importantly the safety of our products, which in cooperation with ADAS equipment suppliers provides a safer experience on the road.