AGC manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines

AGC is fighting the coronavirus on two fronts. In addition to organising personal protective measures and practices in workplaces in 30 countries, the company is also helping to control the pandemic with a range of high-quality products and services.

Our subsidiary AGC Biologics, a contract development and manufacturing organisation, provides a variety of value-added services to pharmaceutical companies, from process development to upscaling, clinical trials and commercial drug manufacture. Latest priorities include a partnership with Denmark-based AdaptVac to manufacture a candidate COVID-19 vaccine, the manufacture of a treatment drug for CytoDyn in the USA currently going into clinical trials, and the manufacture of a COVID-19 DNA vaccine intermediate for Japan-based Takara Bio.

On the product front, AGC’s tough, transparent Polycarbonate sheet range - for offices, shops and cafeterias – is widely used as an effective protective partition against splash virus infection. AGC has also stepped up production of its Zia+Safe spray, a household disinfectant effective against highly contagious viruses that cannot be eliminated by alcohol-based sanitizers.