Driverless vehicles just around the corner in Seoul

SK telecom and Seoul metropolitan government plan to install 5G ADAS on 1600 buses and 100 taxis in Seoul, helping to create a real-time HD city map for use in autonomous vehicles.


The move is the first phase of Seoul and SK telecom’s planned “co-operative-intelligent transportation system” (C-ITS) which aims to exploit 5G and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications to increase road safety and traffic management efficiency.


The new ADAS equipment on public transportation vehicles will collect 124 different types of traffic information and transmit the data via the ultra-fast 5G network, to support real-time updating of the cloud-based HD map.


The 1,700 ADAS-equipped vehicles should be running in the South Korean capital by the second half of 2019, covering 122 km of major roads. Going forward, C-ITS aims to expand 5G ADAS to 5,000 vehicles, covering all roads across the entire city.