Ford creates a smart window that helps the blind to “see”

A new smart glass tech, called Feel the View, has been developed by Ford to help visually-impaired car passengers appreciate the view outside their vehicle.

Inside tomorrow’s connected cockpit

AGC is a leading cover glass supplier for car display modules and decorative applications for flat and curved screens inside of the vehicles.

Easier to use, Easier to choose

Star of the new AGC Automotive Replacement Glass website is our new webshop – packed with fresh features to help you identify the right glass for your customer every time.

Car of the Year 2018. Volvo shines, with AGC glass.

Congratulations to Volvo for winning the Car of the Year 2018 award with the stylish new XC40 compact SUV.

Sunroof or moodroof? The choice is yours.

The latest trend for sunroofs has them turning into entertainment screens. Harman International has a new vision for car sunroofs: make them into digital displays. This surprising development was amongst the automotive innovations seen at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January.

Smart solutions from AGC

Whatever route the future takes, the road ahead is clear with AGC silver-coated windshields.

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New AGC flyer spreads the good news!

AGC offers different marketing materials to support you in your market. The latest material published is a mirror flyer to let drivers know that their new windshield is made by AGC, their guarantee of top quality. The flyer can be hung on the rear-view mirror every time you fit an AGC replacement windshield.


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) camera recalibration requires many things to go well: replacement windshield quality is one of them. AGC Automotive Europe proudly states that AGC and Nordglass windshields for aftermarket are as compliant with ADAS as Original Equipment windshields.


Glass, by its nature, can be damaged quite easily. Despite the high level of automation and limited handling on the production line, some aesthetic defects can nevertheless occur. The most frequent are light or deep scratches, dirt interlayer, small bubbles, silkscreen printing not completely uniform or some missing dots, a small piece of glass missing at the edge (also called “shell”), etc.