If you keep your eyes on the road, you’ll miss the show!

Beijing-based Futurus has developed light-field projection technology that promises to take HUD (Head-up Display) to the next level and give motorists a totally new driving experience. Their vision is revealed in Las Vegas this month at CES 2020, the world’s most extravagant tech and innovation show.

The key of course is AR (Augmented Reality), the technology that layers computer-generated images and graphics onto your real-life view of the world. Futurus reckons that by combining AR with HUD, the windshield can highlight hazards, illuminate lane divisions and paint directions, directly onto the driver’s view of the road. It will even project little helper avatars to personify your in-car voice assistance system.

Passengers haven’t been forgotten either. Futurus believes that the windshield should act as a giant movie screen for car occupants, operated in such a way that the driver can’t see it. At CES 2020, Futurus promises to reveal the identity of the auto manufacturer it has been working with to get this new product into mass production.