Auto makers turn to smart glass

Smart glass technologies are driving change in many industries, none more than the automotive sector.

Amazing new sun visor, cuts glare but not vision

According to Bosch, a German world leader in automotive products, sun glare is the number one weather-related cause of road accidents.

If you keep your eyes on the road, you’ll miss the show!

Beijing-based Futurus has developed light-field projection technology that promises to take HUD (Head-up Display) to the next level and give motorists a totally new driving experience.

Don’t wipe your windshield... zap it!

If you watched the Cybertruck launch video in our last newsletter, you may have noticed that the futuristic electric pick-up has no windshield wipers.

Did Murphy get Musk?

Any ideas why the Tesla Cybertruck “armor glass” windows shattered? Elon Musk didn’t seem sure, so we have provided three possible reasons.

Glass that adds distance

Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) are taking off in Europe but barriers still remain. In addition to high showroom prices and undeveloped charging networks, many consumers hesitate because of EV’s limited driving range.

Car-sharing to replace ownership? Don’t believe it.

Latest market data from the USA shows that car ownership is back up to where it was before the financial crisis 10 years ago.

AGC helps reduce environmental impact of automotive glazing

Discover how AGC contributes to the environment effort in two important ways.

HUD on the roof

Volvo Car Corporation has taken Head-Up-Display to a whole new level with a patent application in the USA for overhead HUD.