InnovizTwo takes the next step toward full vehicle automation

In the race to fully self-driving cars, less is definitely more for next generation LiDAR sensors

The Automotive Displays of the future have a few tricks up their sleeve

Tomorrow’s car cockpit keeps getting bigger and bolder with the integration of technological innovations.

A change in the wind for the modern car industry

The new American president has decided to take matters into his own hands and transform the automotive industry’s landscape in the US as well as abroad through various new incentives.

E-fuels are shaping the landscape of sustainable mobility

Alternative fuels were at the heart of discussions among a panel of experts during the first ever “Energy 4 Mobility” talk last month organized by Automechanika.

World’s First Adoption for In-Vehicle curved P-OLED Display

AGC Curved-Large Cover Glass for Car-mounted Displays to Be Used in New 2021 Cadillac Escalade

Nissan Leaf Turns into Disaster-Response Vehicle

Nissan’s unveiled its revolutionary rescue concept - called Re-Leaf – that can power a host of equipment commonly used in relief and rescue operations.

Windscreens, the interesting story of your (in)visible but essential companion…

Windscreens have become much safer and smarter over the years, here follows a short history…

The era of flying cars is closer than you may think!

The maiden flight of a flying car makes Japanese high-tech firms optimistic… will it soon open new possibilities for all of us?

Covid-19: impact on OE suppliers and expected benefit for aftermarket

Some businesses are winners, some are losers in Corona times. This is also true for the automotive industry as well as its service sector.