Car-sharing to replace ownership? Don’t believe it.

Latest market data from the USA shows that car ownership is back up to where it was before the financial crisis 10 years ago.

AGC helps reduce environmental impact of automotive glazing

Discover how AGC contributes to the environment effort in two important ways.

HUD on the roof

Volvo Car Corporation has taken Head-Up-Display to a whole new level with a patent application in the USA for overhead HUD.

AGC launches HUD for Opel Insignia

After several years of rapid growth supplying HUD (Head Up Display) windshields as original equipment manufacturer for new vehicles, AGC is proud to announce the extension of HUD technology to the aftermarket production.

Tesla drives east

Tesla has announced expansion into eastern European markets. After entering the Czech Republic earlier this year, Tesla is also now opening orders in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia.

Breakthrough in self-healing glass?

Scientists at Aalborg University in Denmark have announced a major breakthrough in the development of “self-healing glass” (or glass which can mend itself).

ADAS: an opportunity for the auto glass aftermarket

A recent study in the USA shows how the growth of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) in new cars is starting to reduce the number of road accidents.

The car that warns you about rain when your sunroof is open

As we move closer to the age of autonomous driving, deep learning technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are coming into play in our cars.

New electric car charges itself with sunlight

Dutch tech company Lightyear plans to launch an electric car that uses solar panels to boost charging.

Are you safe if lightning strikes your car?

Many people think they’re safe in a car during lightning because the tyres are made of rubber. But that’s not true.